Cloud Trunking

SIP Trunking

Our SIP Trunking ensures crisp, reliable voice communications by breaking the fixed line model. We can help you replace your costly β€œPRI” voice services by leveraging the flexibility and durability of IP network technology to interconnect to the PTSN network. A fully integrated solution, SIP Trunking delivered in conjunction with our Cloud PBX services offers a natural migration from legacy PBX environments to the Cloud.

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Improve agility and scalability

BroadAspect's SIP trunking voice services extends the life of your current PBX by providing the scalability and flexibility that your current PRI services can not match.

  • Native SIP Trunking enables granular ability to add call capacity
  • Call capacity can be added within hours rather than weeks
  • Call capacity is only limited by available bandwidth on circuit
  • Full support for multi-office call direction
  • Rapidly re-route calls to on-net or off-net numbers
  • Flexibility to add Cloud Voice Mail as fail-over protection
  • Manage and Control through "anywhere" web portal 

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SIP Trunking Technical Features

BroadAspects SIP trunking has a full set of enterprise features and can extend the life of your current PBX.

  • Trunk Type Options: Native SIP, PRI, Analog
  • Straightforward phone number porting process
  • Geography independent phone numbers can be used at any physical location
  • Local, long distance and international calling
  • Dedicated IP circuit for voice traffic
  • Circuit termination choices: PRI or Native SIP
  • Wide range of CODECs are supported including G.711, G.729
  • Scalable call capacity from 5 to 1,000 concurrent calls on one circuit
  • Burst call capacity option
  • QOS tagging for call quality
  • Automated call routing for business continuity
  • Trunk-to-Trunk overflow routing for multi-site survivability
  • Emergency services (E-911) included
  • Customer portal to control service features
  • Registration server "Looking glass" for fast advanced troubleshooting

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Technical Specifications

  • Dedicated IP Voice Circuit delivered to customer premise to ensure crystal clear voice quality.
  • Robust Trunking Options:
    • Native SIP Trunking: Certified interoperability with all Major PBX's
    • Primary Rate Interface (PRI) - Trunking via standardized Adtran Gateway
    • Analog (POTS) Lines  - POTS via standardized Adtran Gateway
  • Customer responsible for power delivery to both Voice Gateway and PBX
  • Customer responsible for UPS (battery back-up) for Voice Gateway and PBX

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