Cloud PBX

Cloud Power for Your Voice Communications

Cloud PBX is a business-grade IP (Hosted) voice service that provides enterprise class services without the ongoing management costs associated with premise based PBX solutions. 

With our Cloud PBX you can deploy IP Phones as part of your existing local area network and your staff will be connected each other and the rest of the world. We will help verify that your data network is ready for IP voice traffic through a comprehensive network review that ensures clear voice quality.

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Cloud PBX Benefits

The benefits from Cloud PBX can be felt throughout the organization, from the cost savings, ease of use and administration, to the additional control for users. Connect all of your remote users, including branch offices, telecommuters and mobile employees to your Cloud PBX , building a more productive and efficient work environment.

Leveraging our Cloud PBX will enable your organization to:

Create a single "national" campus

  • Connect remote employees and offices to the PBX seamlessly without additional costs
  • Implement 3, 4 or 5-digit dialing plans
  • Migrate easily to new platform
  • All user account changes can be made through the Web portal 

Simplify User Experience

  • Shared company directory
  • Prioritized PBX call handling
  • A unified messaging voice mailbox
  • Web-based PBX administration for feature management and personal preferences

Lower Operating Expense

  • Free "on-net" calling eliminates long distance charges between offices
  • Reduced PBX support costs with instant admin control (move, add, delete) with the click of a mouse
  • Bundled packaging and pricing
  • Removes premise PBX service calls
  • Eliminates premise PBX system upgrade costs
  • No need for a full-time employee to manage larger implementations PBX phone systems
  • Deliver predictable monthly communication costs

Continually Adjust To Your Changing Needs

  • Scale PBX telephones up or down to meet staffing changes
  • Adapt your PBX rapidly to integrate newly acquired personnel
  • Adjust user account settings through a browser-based PBX console
  • Work from office, home or mobile with constant access to Cloud PBX

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  • Robust call routing functionality
  • Auto Attendant / Receptionist option
  • Internal user extension assignments
  • "Voicemail to email" for all users
  • "Find me / Follow-me" built in
  • Smartphone and Tablet “softphone” app options
  • Straightforward number porting process
  • Customer voice portal to control service features
  • Automated call routing for business continuity
  • Emergency services (E-911) included
  • Registration server "looking glass" for fast advanced troubleshooting

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Technical Specifications

  • Support for SIP IP Phones and managed service for Polycom and Cisco models
  • Support for customer premise based managed VOIP gateway as SIP proxy
  • Recommend that customer have dedicated CAT5e cables for each IP Phone
  • Robust voice quality diagnostics built into managed VOIP gateway platform
  • Real-Time call monitoring to assist call quality analysis

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