Our Network

Great performance with reliability

BroadAspect owns and operates every element of its core network. The network has been built from the ground up using a carefully engineered design that prioritizes reliability and performance.

Key Elements

  • Physically diverse Data Center based POP's in each region.

  • Carrier Neutral facilities.

  • Reliable Carrier-Class Cisco fully meshed N+1 core routers.

  • Diverse dark fiber rings with our own WDM infrastructure for rapid scalability.

  • 10GB core backbone network

  • Native dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 network.

  • Single network wide AS: AS30259

  • Robust upstream IP Transit partners: Cogent, NTT, Zayo.

  • Direct peering partners: Akamai, Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.






Powerful Direct Peering

Every day your staff relies on the smooth flow of information and content from the Internet to be productive and get their job done. Our engineering team analyzes network traffic to identify popular destinations.  Based on this insight, we create direct private peering connections to these destinations to improve performance while reducing latency.

Quite simply, if internet routes to a content source are congested, having a direct "peer" connection to the destination ensures smooth, fast delivery of data to you. Below are a few of our featured Direct Peering Partners:

  • Akamai: Worlds largest content delivery network
  • Amazon: Public Cloud, Ecommerce, Video, Books, Media
  • Apple: Mobile, Productivity, App Ecosystem, Video
  • Google: Search, Email,  Productivity, Cloud, Mobile, App Ecosystem
  • Microsoft: Search, Email,  Office Productivity Suite, Cloud, Operating Systems