IP Transit

IP Transit

Customers with an Autonomous Number (ASN) have the option to receive IP Transit services when connected directly at one of our Metro PoPs. By connecting to our core, you have the highest reliability that a N+1 design can offer and full access to our peering and transit partners. Organizations also have the option to have diverse circuits with direct connections to diverse Metro PoP's for enhanced reliability.



  • 100Mb to Multi 10Gb bandwidth options 
  • Port Speeds: 100Mb, 1Gb, 10Gb
  • Cross Connect: Cat5e or Fiber
  • BGP multi-homing coordination
  • Flexible billing options including committed, fixed rate, burstable or 95th percentile


  • Extensive private and public peering agreements with focus on content providers
  • Our Metro PoP’s proximity to customers provides opportunity for custom peering