Insightful IT for the Intelligent Enterprise

After months of development, planning and review, we’re happy to announce that we’ve launched our new website! We were due for an update, and made improvements that enhance customer usability and navigation with in-depth explanations. The new site also gave us the opportunity to clearly communicate our core purpose: to provide the most insightful, expert level services to solve our customers' technology platform challenges.

Just as importantly, we’ve introduced the “Intelligent Enterprise.”

What is the “Intelligent Enterprise?” While many technology fads come and go, we have noticed that our most successful customers focus on technology changes that improve the reliability, performance and security of their IT services. They demand efficient and effective service from their partners and suppliers, and hold themselves to the same standard in service to their own clients.

They place premium value on finding solutions that are tailored to their requirements rather than hastily following the latest technology trend.

We decided that the best description for those customers and this new breed of company was the “Intelligent Enterprise.”

Every business is shockingly different, even within the same industry and market segment. Different challenges, network environments and goals motivate businesses’ choices, but often times many cloud and network providers offer solutions that are one-size fits all (also known as one-size fits none). With some large providers, a cloud can be “spun up” and delivered to you in minutes, but there’s no discussion or analysis of underlying business needs. Without tailoring, businesses are paying more for a service that suits them less, and as many companies migrate to the cloud for its cost savings, this makes no sense as a long-term solution.

How can we help the Intelligent Enterprise? Our experience and deep knowledge of our customers’ businesses have given us unique insights into their IT infrastructures, and have allowed us to build customized cloud and network platforms that change with the company’s needs. We focus on insightful IT, built and provisioned for each customer’s specific business purposes.

The redesign process helped to remind us of our goal: to help you build strategic IT platforms that service the unique needs of your business. We hope that our renewed focus is evident throughout the site. 

Always feel free to engage us (Twitter and LinkedIn). We look forward to hearing from you.