VeeamON 2014

I landed less than an hour ago at Dulles after four days of big ideas, presentations, and announcements at VeeamON 2014 in Las Vegas. I’m still digesting everything I learned, but I wanted to share a few key takeaways for Veeam partners and end users. While the presenters and keynote speakers had great stats and insights, these three takeaways play into a larger theme: usability and accessibility.

Data Center Availability, v8, and the Big Picture

Between Veeam’s promise to help partners share the importance of data center availability with end business users, and some of the new v8 features, it’s clear to me that Veeam is looking at the big picture in terms of of how their solution can be integrated into a cohesive IT infrastructure.

When you’re shopping for a cloud back up solution, you’re not looking for something that will suddenly take all of the resources and leave your production stagnant while waiting for the back up to finish, you’re looking for something with adaptability that will mold itself to your business.  New v8 features like “Instant Recovery” that can spin a VM back up in minutes, and self-aware resources that reallocate compute if other immediate production applications need them take that adaptability to a new level.

Commitment to Partner Success

Veeam is in a rapid growth cycle, adding more than 3,000 customers every month, with more than 115,000 established customers around the world. Supporting their partners and resellers is critical to guaranteeing that end-users have a positive experience. By offering more training, technical and marketing support, Veeam is making it easier for partners to provide insight and services to the 40% of non-Veeam customers that are unhappy with their current cloud system and looking to make a change before 2018.

It Really Does “Just Work”

I spent a lot of time chatting with other partners and Veeam clients, and over and over I heard that Veeam really does “just work.” There’s serious value in an IT product that functions and is usable even if you’re not highly technical. A survey of Veeam customers found that ease of use was the number one factor allowing customers to achieve recovery time objectives, and with more than 96% meeting their RTO, you know it’s working.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Veeam about upcoming products and innovations. As we start our third year as a partner we’re still excited to show our customers about how we can help keep their data safe with Veeam solutions.