Data Protection

We provide our clients with enterprise class data protection services within the customer premise and leveraging our secure data center facilities also provide offsite backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Protection of critical business data has become increasing difficult with technologies such as virtualization and businesses are now also leveraging more cloud services with data often no longer residing on premise.

BroadAspect supports customers that have their systems and data residing in physical servers or virtualized servers with platforms such as VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V both on and off the customer premise. According to the latest Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council report, more than 60 percent of businesses don’t have a fully documented disaster recovery plan in place.  We work closely with our customers to provide not only technical service but taking a look at the big picture of business continuity planning.

Disaster Recovery 

Your IT platform has rapidly expanded capabilities and scope to support the growth of the enterprise. With the increased impact on the organization, have your disaster recovery capability kept pace? As companies grow, their exposure and risk of interruption increases. This places significant stress on the IT organization to continually enhance the scope of protected workloads while decreasing recovery times. BroadAspect's Disaster Recovery solutions recognize this by offering the tools and expertise to satisfy the most demanding recovery requirements.

a). Description of high availability solutions that utilization replication services 

b). Cloud to Cloud backup and recovery

With native VMware capabilities and third-party tools such as Veeam, we can offer affordable solutions that cover the whole enterprise. 

Every business is different, a one size fits all plan for recovery won’t save your data in an emergency. We work with you to design and deploy an appropriately sized disaster recovery solution for your business.  To develop a customized recovery plan, we do a consultative review of your system with you, and discuss recovery time objectives (RTO), recovery point objectives (RPO), business drivers, and how to best optimize your system for recovery.


Cloud Back up