Powerscale Compute

PowerScale Compute Infrastructure

BroadAspect's PowerScale Infrastructure is an enterprise strength cloud computing platform built on VMware's vCloud suite with a robust multi-node compute cluster designed for performance and reliability.  Choose your power level:

- Processing Power (vCore): from 2 to 16 Cores

- Memory: Choose from 2 to 96 GB

- Network Interfaces: from 2 to 10

- O/S: Windows or Linux (Redhat, Centos or Debian are supported)


The Platform

Cloud computing services are offered at BroadAspect through the PowerScale Infrastructure platform in two service tiers; Standard and Enterprise. The standard tier is the entry level service offering and comes with many powerful capabilities at a very competitive price point per computing resource. Servers within this tier are standardized by package and quick to deploy, designed for customer's first cloud servers and can easily be moved into the Enterprise tier or a custom Hybrid tier in the future. The Enterprise service tier is designed for mission critical applications that demand performance and a higher service level agreement. This service tier scales into very large and complex customer environments to support the largest application requirements.

The PowerScale Infrastructure clusters are built on fully redundant network and computing hardware components, offering real-time cluster load balancing and virtual server high availability in the event of a host hardware fault.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

While it's important to recognize that not all cloud platforms are created equal, BroadAspect believes its even more important to recognize that Cloud Computing platforms are only one part of the solution to a complex infrastructure. Not all customers' requirements are the same and not all requirements are best fit into a total cloud solution. BroadAspect often deploys our hosting solutions in a hybrid configuration, with certain applications running in a virtualized environment, and others, typically large databases, running in traditional bare metal deployments. Clouds themselves can include a spectrum of architecture configurations, with both dedicated and/or shared physical resources.

Please contact BroadAspect sales for a consultation from one of our Cloud solution experts.