Be Aware, Stay Secure

For those in IT and cloud service fields, you’ve undoubtedly heard about “Our Shared Responsibility” every October for years. It is true that the web cannot be secure without the help of its users; we all have a responsibility to endeavor to keep our data safe.

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The Power of Diverse Connections

The pervasive use of cloud services has made businesses more reliant than ever on reliable network services. Without a dependable connection, business can come to a halt:  the CRM tools, enterprise email, accounting systems, file sharing, and other cloud based applications that power everyday business become inaccessible. This puts pressure on network connections unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

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VeeamON 2014

I landed less than an hour ago at Dulles after four days of big ideas, presentations, and announcements at VeeamON 2014 in Las Vegas. I’m still digesting everything I learned, but I wanted to share a few key takeaways for Veeam partners and end users. While the presenters and keynote speakers had great stats and insights, these three takeaways play into a larger theme: usability and accessibility.

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